Flawed Specimen

The flawed specimens that FlawTech creates for the global NDE industry are specifically designed with precise flaw placement in a wide variety of specimen geometries and alloy types. FlawTech specimens are used in various industries to facilitate the education, practice and procedure development of equipment and NDE technicians.

For more than 30 years FlawTech has manufactured flawed specimens that have met the requirements for critical industries from nuclear power to space exploration.

Flawtech’s commitment to quality and Flawtech’s expert staff are specific reasons why Flawtech’s clients remain loyal and FlawTech has emerged as the “bench mark” for quality flawed specimens.

As NDE technology has advanced so has FlawTech. Flawtech’s commitment to the NDE industry and to working closely with clients and various NDE organizations has allowed FlawTech to improve and develop new manufacturing processes and produce new products that meet the technical challenges.

In early 2016, Flawtech has officially appointed MM Matrix Integrity (M) Sdn Bhd as their Sole R&D Representative for Flawtech and one of authorised resellers in Malaysia.