MM Hybrid Repair Solutions (IP: Patented) 'When there is a structural problem, we can structurally repair'

Composite pipe or pipeline wrapping has been widely introduced in the oil and gas and general industries since more than two decades ago. However, most of the wrapping jobs require shutdown or offline repairs as the materials of composite (i.e. epoxy resin) needs some curing hours to become hardened and strong before it can fit for the purpose.

Alternatively, the online leak-sealing repair using a mechanical clamp with chemical injection compounds is used instead for any online leak repair. Nevertheless, sometimes this mechanical clamp inevitably may cause ruptures to the parent materials due to ageing factors. Hence, there have been many recorded or unrecorded cases where the operating piping or pipeline systems were interrupted due to the failure of this repair system. Worst case scenario, there were also some fatal accidents where the pipe or pipeline were ruptured or snapped off when the ageing material of the piping or pipeline succumbed to the excessive pressure being exerted by the mechanical clamp especially during the bolt tightening process. Therefore it is alarmingly needed for an invention to overcome the above-mentioned drawbacks.

According to an aspect of the present invention, the present invention provides a method for repairing active leaks on pipes or pipelines comprising: carrying out site survey to identify the pipe to be repaired and marking the actual leak location; getting the inputs from the clients on the operating parameters such as pressure, temperature, medium, defect size, pipe diameter and etc; submitting method of statement, risk assessment, product Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and cold work permit for approval; barricading the work area and preventing  entry to unauthorized personnel; characterized in that reducing the pipeline pressure and temperature as much as possible; stopping and arresting the active leak using a smart clip; commencing surface preparation; commencing composite wrapping repair procedure for structural reinforcement purpose; allowing the repaired area to be cured for at least five hours; checking and confirming that the Barcol or Shore A hardness measurement shows a reading of greater than 35 barcol or 90 shore A accordingly; and applying a monolithic coating as an external corrosion prevention.

The above provision is advantageous as the present invention responses to those problems with a deployment of a new methodology that integrates those two repair methods mentioned into the third or rather a new, versatile and unique repair method which is called “MM Hybrid Repair”. This repair can be carried out online; safe and sound without requiring any shutdown. In other words, this hybrid repair of the present invention can significantly save time, money and more importantly life. So far this hybrid repair has been widely accepted by PETRONAS and other Oil & Gas companies.

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