Wet Welding

In Wet Welding, the wet welder must use three essential items to complete his assigned welding projects:  1) Welding machine  2) Stinger and 3) Electrodes.

In actual facts, these equipment can vary in range of price, quality and effectiveness. For example,  in surface stick-welding, wet / underwater welders must choose the correct electrode diameter and stinger angle to fuse the seam efficiently.

It’s important to know the product specifications involved. You may take part in the decision-making process of which underwater welding equipment to buy. MM Matrix Integrity(M) Sdn Bhd (MMMI) can assist in your decision-making process  as MMMI is a sole distributor for Speciality Welds Limited United Kingdom. Hence, we can assit our clients in meeting their requirement or demand as we supply a signifiant range a cutting and welding equipment for both surface and underwater applications. Last but not least, we do offer exceptional value for money if you choose for SWL Stinger Cutting Torches and SWL Swordfish cutting rods and other SWL products.

Underwater Welding Equipment Price Reference (Various Brands)